Camp America program for international students: SummerWork in the USA

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  • - Attend one of our online info meeting organized for international students, Register here!
  • - Or just send your questions at
  • Spots are limited, so do not wait too long: apply at!

Főbb feladatok:

  • Would you like to be a Campower?
  • As a campower you will be part of the team, that looks after camp and keep it running on a day to day basis. You will be allocated to a particular campower role, so you may be responsible for feeding all the campers and staff as a kitchen staff or you could be part of the laundry, cleaning or maintenance crew fixing anything that breaks and keeping camp looking nice and clean (unfortunately we do NOT have computer or office work available). As a campower you will have separate accomodation to the counselors and campers and will get a higher pocket money, but you can still get involved with everything that camps has to offer and you can make the most of the camp facilities in your spare time

Az álláshoz tartozó elvárások:

  • We have a limited spots for internationals living in Hungary. We offer our Camp America program to full time university students aged 18-28 who have confident English language skills and work experience as restaurant/kitchen/staff/housekeeper/maintenance worker or childcare experience.
  • In order to be eligible for the J1 visa you must be a full time university student in Hungary. (not last year students!)

Előnyt jelent:

  • - If you can work for 10-12 weeks during the summer, it is a plus
  • - If you worked in a restaurant before, it is a plus

Szükséges nyelvtudás:

  • English is a must (at least intermediate level)

Munkavégzés helye:

  • You would work in the USA, during the summer, as part of the Camp America program.
  • What is Camp America?
  • Camp America, together with AIFS is one of the largest officially designated J1 visa sponsor companies since 1969. Camp America is currently recruiting over 8,000 young people yearly, from over 25 countries worldwide to work in one of our 1000+ summer camps located all over the USA. In Hungary, in cooperation with the MelóDiák Network since 2018, it provides opportunities for young people to participate in the J1 cultural exchange
  • program.
  • What do we offer?
  • We offer you a min. 9 week long American summer job as a campower (support staff) with food and accomodation provided at camp and with the possibility to travel up to 30 days across the USA!
  • Our 2022 application+program fee is currently 410 euro, yes, that amount is including the roundtrip flight to/from the US!
  • - The application fee (100 euro) has to be paid online when applying for the program. It is non-refundable but can be used as credit next year.
  • - The rest of the fees can be paid when you received the US visa!
  • Other fees:
  • - 160$ visa fee to be paid to the US Embassy in March 2022
  • - costs of Police Background check from home country*
  • - costs of a doctor's exam in Hungary
  • - costs of your travel after camp.
  • *You will also need a Hungarian Police Background Check (free of charge), with which we will help you

Munkavégzés időpontja:

  • You would be working 6 days a week, max 10 hours a day.


  • What you get:
  • food and accommodation at cam;
  • return flight ticket;
  • medical insurance for the whole trip;
  • pocket money: $1350 for the first 9 weeks;
  • + $200/week if your camp lasts longer than 9 weeks
  • assistance with J1 visa (summer work and
  • travel category, only for full time university students)

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You will be paid in USD (not in Ft, so not Hungarian forints)




min. 9 weeks (6 days/week + 1 day off)


Rasovszky Miklós


Meló-Diák Universitas

+36 1 217 6426

1095 Budapest, Tinódi utca 9-11.


  • Promóciós, host/hostess, animátor

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