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Meló-Diák is the largest student job network in Hungary, it’s member in Budapest, Universitas Junior Enterprise was established in 1983. Our company offers the most open jobs in the country, in more than 40 offices. We have around 35.000 student employees in one year, serving 4000 client. Our services: administrative, call-center, data recording jobs, courier service, manual-, blue-collar jobs, professional, it jobs, translation, market research, promotion-, hostess services.

Members of the Meló-Diák network are: MELÓ-DIÁK Alföld, MELÓ-DIÁK Pécs, MELÓ-DIÁK Észak-Dunántúl, MELÓ-DIÁK Kecskemét, MELÓ-DIÁK Szolnok, MELÓ-DIÁK Székesfehérvár, Universitas.